The Dishwasher’s Shares

Don’t you forget the public
and don’t be confiscatory.
Adjust what you are doing:
who do you owe your income to?

The shareholders,
the shareholders.
Always the shareholders,
the shareholders:
shaved rocks in a garden plot.

Fifty dollar shots in Soho,
twenty-five and change for mac and cheese:
“Well, hello Argentina
and goodbye Apollo 13!”

And the dishwasher?
Our dishwasher?
¿Dónde está nuestro lavavajillas?

The kidnapping!
The kidnapping!
Fingertips cut for pirate prints.

Mamas pump out your babies
while daddies keep their girlfriends wet with jewels:
a silver flash, the lightning;
Shazam strikes from other worlds.

— AI song lyrics, 2012
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