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The Dishwasher’s Shares

Don’t you forget the public and don’t be confiscatory. Adjust what you are doing: who do you owe your income to? The shareholders, the shareholders. Always the shareholders, the shareholders: shaved rocks in a garden plot. Fifty dollar shots in … Continue reading

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Re: Santos & the Revolution (new novella)

Re: Santos & the Revolution (< downloadable pdf) is a new novella by Anthony E. Hoyle, written in the spring of 2012. The first episode of a serialized audio podcast of the story will be uploaded to this site later this … Continue reading

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The Search Party

The low atmosphere sediment count had become spectacular as we approached the target site, west of Lost Hickory.  In the slanted light of late afternoon, I had mistakenly thought we were slashing our way over the remains of a hill … Continue reading

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Azuza Inkh Show Readings June 2012

Excerpts from “D.O.B. + 195” 1. I felt sorriest for the birds.  I remember listening to them sing their melancholy songs into the wind.  I hear them crying, still.  Someone should have admired them on that day, especially the man … Continue reading

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Travel Reimbursements

“Thanks for your patience.  How are we doing today?” … “Credit card and driver’s license—thanks…Thanks…New York, huh?  How was your flight?  Yeah, I know: at least you made it here, right?” “M—” “Business or vacation, Mr. Halvifax?” “Business.” … “I’ll … Continue reading

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