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Costumes by Anne Peabody

Films for “Vulture Peak” and “I, Beaver” by Mark McKeown

Videos of performances by AI and The Web by Fred Klein, Mary Fugatt-Willis and Ben Bunch

Photos by Jason LoewensteinDarren Rappa, Tim Furnish, Mary Fugatt-Willis, Anne Peabody, Deb Pastor, Gary Pahler (cf. “The Palin Diptych) and Bryan Zimmerman

Additional Azuza heraldry by Mark McKeown

Allies of Azuza:  Thordis Adalsteinsdottir, David HerbertLaura Ortman, Rude Weirdo, Ut Gret, The Phantom Family Halo, The Afrophysicists, Ben BunchKira Green, Crappy Nightmareville, Noise Pollution and Loyalty and Blood

Knight of the Inkh: Jason Noble