B. L. Zabib’s Autoarcheological Retrofire 10.10.12


A journal dropped from a glass shelf.  Opened, it read:

Places Visited

Date  10/25/01   Place  Habitat Hotel, NYC

Powerful prayer tonight, 7 -8 pm.  Felt as if (1) Head was fire (2) Head, hands glowing (3) Pale corona of violet and yellow was on perimeter of white starburst (or amoeba also) cascading over forehead (4) Through closed eyelids room bathed in red brick/orange but hands on prayer book emanating yellow (5) For longer periods than last several weeks was able to sustain periods (albeit still brief) of verbal thought silence (6) Was able to successfully block bad ego trickster thoughts in midst of contemplation with little distraction (7) Recommendation of P— not to repeat self in prayer helpful.  Reading prayer strongly, slowly (8) Must get involved and stay involved with Church (9) Must help poor, sick asap (10) Must write R—‘s father asap and thank him for Bible long ago given

A grandfather clock spotlit the dusty scrawl backwards from the future, mooning:

Lux  Comme ci, comme ça




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